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Next on Netlify

Your Next.js site can do more on Netlify's production-ready platform backed by our high-performance network, enterprise-grade security and support.

Modern meets powerful

Teams love to deploy Next.js on Netlify.

There’s a reason: Netlify is the all-in-one platform that adds essential power & functionality to Next.js projects. Get everything teams need for successful web applications—from local development to production deployment.

  • Prerendering & global delivery

    Make Next.js sites & apps faster by prerendering the entire front end to static assets that are deployed globally.

  • Serverless functions

    Deploy AWS Lambda functions without configuring API gateways or even setting up an AWS account.

  • Powerful build plugins

    Automate workflows, speed up builds, optimize site performance, and more. Browse plugins for your project.

  • Form handling (without servers)

    Add a simple attribute to automatically save form entries. Browse them in your Netlify dashboard.

  • Works with Preview Mode

    Full support for Next.js Preview Mode so you can review content changes live without rebuilding the site via Netlify Functions.

  • Identity/authorization

    Add secure user accounts, roles, and access control to your Next.js projects.

Who uses Netlify? One million hands are raised.

Join over one million developers & companies who’ve used Netlify to host Jamstack projects like Next.js. Give it a try with your favorite git providers & our sample Next.js project.

Next on Netlify: Combine static & dynamic content

A powerful feature of the Next.js framework is the ability to combine high-performance prerendered pages with dynamic routes and pages that are generated at request time. Netlify offers full support for both. We officially maintain next-on-netlify, a utility that wraps your Next.js application in a tiny compatibility layer to serve dynamic pages via Netlify functions.

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A workflow that really flows

Push changes to your Next.js project in git and Netlify builds and deploys a new version of your site—complete with a preview URL.

<Sidebar> <PageNav/> <LogInWidget user={props.user} /> </Sidebar> git push origin main
6:32:51 PM: deploying site from 'dist/' 6:32:51 PM: 134 new files to upload 6:32:51 PM: 8 new functions to upload 6:32:53 PM: Post processing done
 6:32:53 PM: Site is live
Use any CMS or data source Provide content and data via APIs for a modern, decoupled architecture. Automate everything with Netlify Netlify runs a new Next.js build in the cloud each time content or code changes. Deliver the fastest site possible Prerendered assets served from worldwide edge locations guarantee site speed. Your CMS Any API Netlify Edge Netlify Functions

Let’s deploy Next.js!

A few starter Next.js templates

Need instructions for deploying an existing site?

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