Rework Your Workweek: Headless Commerce Summit starts streaming Monday!

Headless Commerce Summit starts streaming on Monday

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Growing your brand with headless Shopify

Have you ever wondered how the world’s fastest-growing brands build their websites for conversion at scale? Cuts, Liquid IV, Sandcloud, and Prima are just a few of the immersive e-commerce experiences powered by Pack Digital and Netlify.

Pack Digital provides design and development services for fastest-growing brands on Shopify, and has built technology to streamline the process for merchants and engineers to implement PWA storefronts on headless Shopify.

Listen to this on-demand fireside chat with Pack Digital’s co-founders and Netlify to learn about:

  • Tech stack evaluation - Determining when to leverage headless Shopify
  • Overcoming headless Shopify challenges
  • Measuring your headless commerce success

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Presented by

Cory Cummings
Pack Digital

Presented by Cory Cummings

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Andrew Pizula
Pack Digital

Presented by Andrew Pizula

Co-Founder, Strategy

Nelson Diallo

Presented by Nelson Diallo

Account Manager Team Lead