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Run sites globally.
Changes deploy automatically.

Publish modern web projects right from your git repos.
There’s nothing to set up & no servers to maintain.

A git-based workflow
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and global deployments
Static Assets
Serverless Functions
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    Connect your repositories.

    Get started instantly using your favorite code repositories.

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    Automate your builds.

    Run automated builds with each git commit using our CI/CD pipeline designed for web developers. Generate a full preview site with every push.

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    Deploy to our Edge Network.

    Deploy atomically to our Edge, a global, multi-cloud 'CDN on steroids' designed to optimize performance for Jamstack sites and apps. Atomic deploys mean you can rollback at any time.

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    Customize with Netlify add-ons and third party integrations.

    Netlify supports a large ecosystem of tools and applications, including Netlify Add-ons like Analytics, Forms and Identity, or partner integrations like Fauna database.

Plug in. Add on.

Every feature you’ll need.

Wow, right out of the box

Whether you’re having a facepalm moment or you just need to ship your 404 page, Netlify’s automated workflow makes the hard stuff simple.

  • Atomic deploys
  • Cache invalidation
  • Unlimited snapshots and rollbacks
  • Custom headers
  • Proxy and redirect rules
  • DNS management

Netlify makes it simple

You shouldn’t have to be an architecture expert to build and deploy a feature-rich site.

Push your site live

Deploy your site to an ultra-redundant global Application Delivery Network that’s purpose built for serving pages and assets quickly and consistently.

Automate deployment

Netlify’s built-in continuous deployment automatically runs your build commands and deploys the result whenever you push to your Git repository.

Add a custom domain

Buy a custom domain through Netlify or add a domain you already own. Manage DNS zones and records using Netlify’s DNS hosting.

HTTPS is automatic

Your site will automatically be secured with a free TLS certificate from Let’s Encrypt. (No clicks necessary.)

Preview your changes

See what changes will look like in production using Deploy Previews. Get a unique, permanent URL whenever you submit a pull request. It’s posted as a commit status for easy collaboration.

Ready to put the robots to work?

Take your site to the next level with sophisticated, API-driven functionality. We’ll take care of all the complicated server setup and integration.

  • API/microservices gateway
  • JWT-based access control
  • Proxied authentication headers
  • Stored environment variables
  • Incoming and outgoing webhooks

Powerful add-ons

Say hello to your new superpowers – no backend servers needed.

Analytics New

See what we see—Netlify Analytics brings you data captured directly from our servers, presented simply and beautifully. Find trends in pageviews, visitors, sources, and more.

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Deploy AWS Lambda functions without configuring API gateways, coordinating deployments, or setting up an AWS account.

Your functions are version-controlled, built, and deployed along with the rest of your Netlify site, and the Netlify API gateway automatically handles service discovery. Plus, your functions benefit from the power of Deploy Previews and rollbacks.

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Manage signups, logins, password recovery, and more — all without rolling your own authentication service.

Register and authenticate visitors to your site so you can gate content, enable CMS functionality, make authenticated calls to outside services, and more. Securely integrate with any service that understands JSON Web Tokens.

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Manage forms and submissions without any server-side code or JavaScript.

Code an HTML form into any page on your site, add a netlify attribute to the <form> tag, and you’ll receive submissions in your Netlify dashboard. HTML files are parsed directly at deploy time, so there’s no need for you to make an API call or include extra JavaScript on your site.

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Large Media

Manage binary files of any size right in your repo, just like code.

Netlify Large Media makes it easy to handle larger assets from the first Git check in through to final delivery. Version control files many gigabytes in size and dynamically resize images on the fly as they are served.

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Deploy a site in 30 seconds.