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Build and deploy scalable serverless backends in minutes. Use TypeScript to define your data model, and ChiselStrike will automatically create your backend.

  • Backend Management


Sync Netlify sites and ChiselStrike builds from code in the same Git repository.


ChiselStrike is a comprehensive platform designed to simplify the entire backend development process for modern web and mobile applications.

Our environment lets you concentrate on building engaging frontend content and describing your backend needs elegantly, without having to wire it all together the hard way. The platform manages the cloud infrastructure and databases necessary to get your code onto the internet. You don’t need a DBA or a DevOps team, and you won’t have unpredictable cloud bills.

Use Cases

Database Schema in Code

  • Declare your data model in TypeScript and ChiselStrike translates that into a managed persistence layer.

Automatically Generated REST API

  • Get a fully functional CRUD API for your data model generated with no additional code required.

Edge Functions

  • Write and deploy serverless backend code to our managed service.

Data Policies

  • Write code to determine who can read and write what data
    Deployment with GitHub Deploy by pushing a to a branch in your GitHub repo.